White Birch Bark: Nature's Unique Decorating Material

The White Birch Tree, is one of the most majestic and noticeable trees in the Northern regions of North America and the greater Northern Hemisphere. The Birch Tree's white bark stands out against the back drop of the dark green conifer trees and the browns and greens of the deciduous trees. These white barked trees evoke positive feelings, which are pleasing to the eye and produce a sense of warmth. These positive feelings prompted the social elite of New York City to want to incorporate white birch bark into their Adirondack homes they were constructing. The country was facing the threat of the deadly disease, Tuberculosis, disease coupled with a new appreciation for the beauty of nature created a desire to leave the crowded unhealthy urban areas and head for cleaner, less crowded conditions. Transportation was developing making it easier to get to the here before inaccessible areas. The Adirondack Mountains was one such area, for all the above reasons the movement was on to get out of the crowed infected cities for the unpopulated, clean air wilderness.  Many came from all walks of life; this migration did not set well with the blue bloods of New York City's society, so they went further north to the Adirondack Mountains to be alone away from the crowds. Their arrival created a need for housing, to satisfy this need they had large homes built, however there would be a difference between these homes and their residents in the New York City. The country was discovering the beauty this nation's wilderness afforded and there was a movement to incorporate nature's natural materials into their homes, both in the interiors and exteriors of these new living structures.