Urban Rustic in Interior Design

Form Follows Function.The trend among many Americans today is to leave suburbia in favor of urban environments. The motivation for the change to cities is centered on better career opportunities.  A chain reaction has occurred; large corporations are choosing to move to urban areas where they are finding a much larger working pool of qualified workers. Creating urban jobs to better available and offer higher competitive salaries. After years of under employment and reduced wages, workers are now able to acquire jobs better fitting within their skill level, with appropriate salaries, enabling them to improve their standard of living.  Workers are responding by leaving their suburban homes and moving to cities to be closer to the job source. 

This new growth of urban population equates to a higher demand in buying or renting new homes in these rapidly growing areas and with this the need to furnish these residences. A new concept in interior designing has emerged as well with this new influx of population in urban areas, where space comes at a premium cost. Rather than investing their hard earned money in decorative wall hung art, residents have shifted their purchases to acquiring one of kind pieces of furniture. This new art investment provides a functional as well as artistic form within the space, giving the buyer a focal point of conversation for the space while as well providing utilizable space. This emerging popular concept is creating a new form of artist/furniture craftsmen to emerge within the traditional field of art and home décor. As this emerging functional concept is gaining popularity among the interior design world, there is as well the desire to accessorize spaces with clean lines, formed with natural materials used in creating these functional artistic items. A term our designers at Arden Creek Designs have coined for this concept is “Urban Rustic”. 

Designers are subtly incorporating natural materials into their designs along with contemporary and traditional materials, such as white birch, as well as other species of wood, antlers and stone, to name a few. These “urban rustic” pieces of furniture create a calming influence in an otherwise hectic environment. Even though circumstances require individuals to move to populated centers, there remains a desire to maintain an element of natural, a need to have a functional piece of furniture; yet to have it naturally artistic in form. Another aspect of this functional art form which is assisting in its traction among the interior design world, is many of these pieces are not only handcrafted, but often are locally produced. This allows for the collector to experience where and how their piece is made, along with sometimes allowing the collector to request specific design elements within the piece, making it truly a one of a kind piece.

At Arden Creek, we have been providing this custom made to order functional art concept for over 20 years. Each artisan is diverse in their abilities in producing the more traditional Adirondack Rustic furniture item to crafting the sleeker, clean urban rustic item. Let us help you in designing that unique one of a kind made to order piece of urban rustic functional piece of art for your space!