The Dos and Don'ts of Eclectic Design

Today’s world of interior design is filled with a vast array of styles and trends, and just choosing one is often difficult for many, myself included. Here is where a challenge often occurs, how to mix and match designs in your space while avoiding a space of cluttered mess. Designing an eclectic style needs to be carefully and systematically approached in order to obtain a fun but well-styled look. In this essay I am going to go over a few do and don’t techniques for achieving this process.

First it is easy to become carried away with ideas of what you want to incorporate into your design concept. This often leads to the infamous unorganized cluttered look in the end. A good way to begin the process for preventing this undesired outcome is gather all of the ideas you like or would want in your space on one concept board. From this compiled group of ideas choose two or three styles that really call to you and run with these. By limiting the number of styles you are better guaranteeing a more systematic and desired design outcome of your designed space without looking or feeling like a storage space of clutter.

Another big aspect to remember not doing is forgetting the limitations of the space you are designing. Scale is key! Know your dimensions when going into the project. Understanding the sizes of your space and the furniture you’re considering will certainly prevent you from running into problems. The tape measure and graft paper are your best friends!


When going for an eclectic look in your design the biggest concept for achieving this look is through accessories. Incorporating old with new is always is a great way to go about this. An example is mix a modern couch with a traditional table or vice versa. Incorporate distinctive and unique electrical features into the scheme of your pallet. Mix a rustic piece into a modern setting. Using contemporary and traditional artwork is another unique approach to this concept. This is what makes eccentric design fun and innovative when done properly!

Accessorizing does not have to be limited only to material objects. Using your walls, floors and ceilings as a canvas is another innovative, distinct and unique approach to eclectic design. Wallpapers are making a strong comeback as well as tiles. There are a vast variety of examples to choose from today, from muted to wild. Use these as accent pieces when compiling your décor. An even more unique approach would be to use bark wall coverings as another great way to add in a wild side to your space. Paints are an inexpensive and easy way to add eclectic flair to your room. It is important to choose wisely when deciding what color hue(s) to use, but mixing colors can be fun and give you an impressive finished result.

When using mixology of colors and textures, another key to remember is it doesn’t have to be just with wall applications. Mixing tones of furnishings and fabrics is as well an innovative way of creating a distinctive and unique concept.