Birch Bark Tiles

Arden Creek Designs has been providing decorative birch bark wall and ceiling coverings for over 20 years. We have been providing birch bark coverings in a variety of application, be it commercial, institutional or private residences. When we receive a request we determine, with the client, which would be the best way to proceed with the wall covering installation. Do we simply provide the customer with sheets of bark, or do we get the elevations for the area to be covered along with the measurements and make up panels that are easy to instal. There have been situations where neither one of these applications worked for the client, the space might have been too small or they wanted a pattern design of birch. There have now been enough of these requests to see if we should be doing more to address these needs.

Arden Creek Designs has come up with a solution, we have designed a series of Tiles which can be easily installed providing an accent area where just a touch of Birch Bark is needed to add warm and  natural element to a living space. These Birch Bark Tiles are mounted on a 1/4” substrate with an adhesive designed specifically for this purpose, the tiles are then pressed. The new tiles come in two sizes, 12”w. X 12”h. And 12”w. X 4”h. Easy to follow instruction are provided with each order.