Antlers: An Age Old Fascination

Today it is hard to pick up an architectural or interior design magazine without seeing at least one photo showing antlers as part of the decor. Decorating with antlers and horn is once again very popular, but the concept is not new. Wall-mounted pairs of antlers have been popular since medieval times. For hundreds of years antlers have adorned ancient castle walls, they were a symbol of nobility, for only nobility and the wealthy could own the forests and had the right to hunt. When immigrants came to America, they came to a land filled with wild life, but there was major difference, land could be owned by the poor as well as the wealthy. Hunting was not restricted to nobility; it was not just a past time but a necessity for gathering food for survival.

America prospered as the country's cities grew, agricultural advancements were being made and the development of the Industrial Revolution was in full swing.  Food was plentiful, hunting was no longer a necessity, nor was it even convenient or accessible, as cities grew, wildlife was pushed out. In the 1800’s travel was limited, it was not until the development of the rail road and the automobile that the wilderness opened up making hunting once again accessible. Starting with the wealthy and spreading throughout the population at large, hunting as a sport was now possible to enjoy.  There was an increased appreciation for nature’s beauty.  Hunting experienced a rise in popularity and the trophy deer that were taken were preserved and prominently displayed on their walls.

As with most trends, interest declined for a while, however, in the last 20 years the decorating world has sparked a renewed interest in antler decor. It first started with antler chandeliers of all sizes and species. Today the popularity with antlers has gone simplistic, rather than a full shoulder deer mount designers prefer just the antler. The various applications range from bleached white skulls, to paired antlers without wooden plaques. Candle holders of various sizes are very popular amongst designers. Single antlers are also being used as table decorations to add a nice touch to any table décor.

The design world today is embracing natural materials and is creatively injecting them in their designs. The bleached white skulls and antlers uniquely provide a nice contrast to the black and white look; they also complement the light beige tone color palate commonly being used today. Arden Creek Designs has been offering all types of antler products for year, Please check out our wonderful array of products on our web site,