Birch Bark: Nature's Bold Material for Statement Design

The frequent conception of white birch bark for many designers is its stark and cold appearance in nature, limiting the use in interior design and decoration. Certainly this clean and crisp appearance can be achieved in your décor setting if so desired, however birch can as well be made to give a warm and distinctive inviting appearance in decorating. Most birch trees actually contain a great deal of character in the makeup of its bark, and through the bark’s character one can actually achieve a unique artistic and sustainable wallcovering or accent piece to any design setting.

The common North American white birch tree’s bark is actually not a 100% white in color as many may perceive it to be; however white birch can possess numerous amounts of black and grey features to its surface. This typically occurs where the surface of the bark has been scared or disturbed during its growing process and healed over time. The vivid natural assortment in appearance allows for greater potential decorative stylizing for one’s interior or exterior design. Choosing panels of birch bark heavily accented in these invigorating and bold natural characters allows the decorator to highlight a space with a grand aptitude for statement design.

Using these vivid and bold features when choosing a wallcovering easily provides the ability to either create a warm and distinctive inviting atmosphere as well as having the option to provide a space with clean and contemporary appearance. Birch easily can be classified as Mother Nature’s chameleon, due to its aptitude capabilities for bringing beauty in any number of style preferences whether it is traditional or modern.