Achieving Wabi Sabi through Adirondack Rusticity

You may have heard Hygge Décor trending around the design world for the past couple of years, but a new aesthetic style is taking over in 2018. We are talking about Wabi Sabi or the art of imperfection. A traditional Japanese approach to design, Wabi Sabi centers around the beauty of imperfect, incomplete and impermanent design often with characteristics of roughness, asymmetry, simplicity, intimacy and appreciation of natural objects.

The United States’ approach to Wabi Sabi can be found within the aesthetic décor of Adirondack Rusticity. This school of design was first conceived in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York in the late nineteenth century, when the local woodworkers would craft unique and distinctive decorative items for the camps of the area using elements found within the area. Their claim to fame with Adirondack furniture was the rustic roughness and simplistic aesthetics incorporated into these handcrafted pieces. Often these rustic furnishings would be designed with the use of raw natural materials such as birch bark, logs, antlers and other objects found within the Adirondack forests. These materials would be then beautifully incorporated in to functional piece of distinctive art, often consisting of elaborate patterns and shapes within the furnishing.

Adirondack rustic furniture has been recognized not only for its ability to incorporate the beauty of the natural outdoors inside, but also for its distinctive, raw roughness shaped into elegant pieces of art, that have been appreciated by interior designers for generations.

Simple ways to incorporate Wabi Sabi décor into one’s interior design with Adirondack rustic can be by applying natural white birch bark as a wall covering to create a unique and distinctive living textured wall as an architectural focal point to the room. Other ways can this approach can be achieved is by decorating with natural antler lighting features, or as well as accessorizing your space with at least one artistic accent piece of Adirondack furniture that becomes the showpiece of your interior space. However one might choose to convey the beauty of Wabi Sabi into one’s space through Adirondack rustic designs, you are certain to achieve the benefits of bringing that piece of imperfect and simplistic design that appreciates the natural concept.