A Contemporary and Fresh Approach to using Birch Bark

Looking to enhance that blank, large, windowless wall to liven up your space? Sure the possibilities are endless for this wasted space to be accessorized! Often most decorators choose to go the common route using such trimmings as mirrors, artwork, lighting, bookshelves, etc.  Though I’m sure you don’t want to have your space be like everyone else, but instead you want that one of a kind showcase of a wall. One approach to achieving this with your large blank canvas space is with natural birch bark.

Now before you instantly say “no thank you”, allow me to demonstrate how there are a variety of innovative concepts to using birch bark as a decorative wall covering. I understand your first instinct is to think of neutral, woodsy, rustic décor. Sure there is the traditional approach of adorning birch bark as a rustic wall covering for a lodge or ski lodge getaway. Though today there are a variety of contemporary, distinctive and innovative ways to approach using birch in your interior design.

Your natural wall decoration can be used untouched for either covering your entire wall or using the bark as panel segments to furnish your space with a unique textured look.  Birch is also versatile allowing it to be utilized as a backdrop canvas for your décor. What I mean is use the natural bark as your canvas for creating one of kind pieces of wall art. Here at Arden Creek we have begun integrating a more modern approach to our birch wallcoverings by adorning the bark with gold leaf, hand painted images, and even dyeing the bark a desired hue to compliment your space’s tones. No longer does one have to think of birch bark being a traditional, neutral, rustic concept, but instead using these designs as an innovative, contemporary, fresh approach to creating a visual experience to your space.