2017 Landscaping Trend: Naturalism

I am sure by now you have heard Pantone’s 2017 color of the year is Greenery. Speaking of green, with spring on its way around the corner, many of us are looking forward to the days of being able to get once again spend time outdoors in our gardens, replenishing our levels of vitamin D, and most of all looking forward to surrounding ourselves with Mother Nature’s greenery and the vibrant accent colors.This year there is a new trend for 2017 among landscape designers, and it is somewhat of a drastic change from previous year’s trends. This trend is incorporating naturalism back into the gardening concept. What do I mean when I say naturalism, as isn’t gardening natural? Yes, but over the years the trend has been to create stark, uniformed, minimalistic and highly manicured designs within green spaces. 2017 is, however; seeing designers step away from this concept and create a wilder organic approach to their concepts. This is approach is as well being accomplished through the use of decorating with natural materials like boulders, logs, mosses, overgrown shrubs, and rustic furnishings. Some could call this new look “wild manicured”.This is not the first time that designers have used a naturalism approach to their design. Back in the late 19th century when the socialites of New York City were building their homes here in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, their whole design concept was to bring the outside inside. Often the materials used to build these “mansions of the Adirondacks” were harvested right off the land, using everything natural from unpeeled logs, stones, and even mosses to give it that outdoors feel all year long. In addition, the hunting guides would often occupy their time during the off-season building pieces of furniture out of these local natural materials that as well instilled this natural rustic look. This is how the concept of Adirondack Rustic came into play in the world of design.Today, instead of focusing on the interior, exterior landscapers are incorporating this rustic, natural design. At Arden Creek Designs we have striven to continue this legacy of providing unique and distinctive natural decorations for not only the interiors but as well as exteriors. Some such popular items are our Birch Log furniture or our Cedar Arbors that are handcrafted from local natural materials, just as the craftsmen of yesteryear did.Perhaps the idea of redesigning a whole garden is not possible or you do not have a yard. The exciting aspect of this naturalism look is it takes very little to achieve the look. Small touches as incorporating larger rocks in various locations of the yard as focal points are a quick, simple and often cost effective way of adding a little naturalism to one’s green space. Using moss covered rocks help enhance this design concept even further! Adding a piece or two of rustic furnishings within the space is a simple and fast way of achieving this look, this especially so for those who may only have a small space or patio.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to organic “wild manicured” looks, and it doesn’t take a lot to achieve this concept. As well, this natural look in your outdoor space will beautifully compliment your interior and Pantone’s color of 2017. Now, if spring could just get here a little quicker so we can begin designing and embrace this look!