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Dec 2017

The Origin and Construction of Antler Chandeliers

Antlered chandeliers have been in existence for centuries. Antler chandeliers were most often used in European castles. Hunting of the large stag deer was for the most part, reserved for nobility. These early antler chandeliers provided warm candle light to illuminate their dark cold stony interiors. Massive stag antlers were fashioned together to form a large ring, candle holders were adhered to the structure and...

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Dec 2016

Coping with Cabin Fever

Over the 20 plus years that Arden Creek has been in business, we have noticed a trend. Each year around mid-January we see an influx of clients inquiring about our various products for their home, products that would bring new change into their living quarters. We attribute this influx to “cabin fever”. During the gloomy days of winter, with its shorten days of sun light...

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Nov 2016

Antlers: An Age Old Fascination

Today it is hard to pick up an architectural or interior design magazine without seeing at least one photo showing antlers as part of the decor. Decorating with antlers and horn is once again very popular, but the concept is not new. Wall-mounted pairs of antlers have been popular since medieval times. For hundreds of years antlers have adorned ancient castle walls, they were a...

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Sep 2016

Deer Antlers: A Sustainable Resource

Deer antlers today are very much in vogue among designers, architects and the public. There is a new appreciation for the simplicity, elegant stylization and pleasing lines of the antler. There are many products on the market in which antlers have been incorporated, some use real antlers, others use imitations. We at Arden Creek Designs offer a wide variety of products and use only real antlers,...

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