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Oct 2018


Last week I received the October 2018 edition of ElleDecor Magazine, and this month’s edition feature was celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Ralph Lauren and his designs. Through the years Ralph Lauren has maintained a traditional design that has not ever gone out of style during his 50 years, a look that so many people have embraced and incorporated into their daily style. The pathway...

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Jul 2018

White Birch Bark Laminate Wall Coverings

Our white birch bark wall coverings by Arden Creek offers the universal appeal for interior designers and clients alike. Our laminate panels have been featured as wall and ceiling panels in homes, retail institutions, offices, universities, and retreat lodges alike. The natural chalky color of our laminated white birch bark wall panels provides a space with an ample brightness and natural airy feel, while providing...

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May 2018

The Benefits of High Quality Furnishings

There are many reasons for buying furniture, but the most important underlying reason is that it is the backdrop to our lives. When furnishing your space you’re often faced with one big decision when. You must decide whether you’re going to buy inexpensive pieces that will last you a few years and not break the bank, or buy something that costs a little more money...

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Apr 2018

4 Trends to Refresh Your Space this Spring

With the dawning of the new spring season it is important to partake in seasonally refreshing your space after the long winter months to help awaken the style senses. The small yet effective changes to one’s space can help make a world of difference for awakening a tired space. Here are four ideas to help upgrade your design aesthetic for spring.   Rejuvenate Your Room’s Energy Incorporating fresh...

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